Serving as both a work surface and visual showpiece, countertops play a very important role. 

Payco Building Supply is pleased to provide a selection of high-quality, countertops. There are many factors that go into selecting a countertop - from visual appearance to durability to safety.

We currently carry quartz, many different price levels of granite, and plastic laminate countertops. All of the manufacturers we carry offer high-quality countertops with a variety of styles, materials, and colors for a variety of projects. 

Caesarstone knows the secret of using natural raw quartz minerals to craft durable & safe countertops. They've been at the helm of surface innovation since 1987, driven by their design passion and cutting-edge technological power. 

One of the leading Countertop manufacturers in the US - Cambria offers quartz countertops that are not only visually appealing but also stain, chip, and scratch resistant, and food safe.

With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, Corian® will make design aspirations come true. Achieve dreams while still selecting a quality product that will stand up to whatever life may throw at it. 

Silestone quartz countertops are popular due to their extreme durability in kitchen and bathroom spaces where traffic and daily use is high, and also the endless color possibilities.

With Formica® Brand surfaces, owners get the looks they crave across a wide range of designs that feature easy maintenance, beauty and durability.

With thousands of designs and a plethora of new product options to choose from, Wilsonart is the only company that can provide a mixed-material solution to fit your specific design needs.